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John Easley
USCG Licensed 100 Ton Master

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"There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats"
- 'The Wind in the Willows'


Tammy T - 4/19/2024
We got our boat and love her! We (me) were off to a shaky start but Captain John Easley came in and saved the day! John is an amazing teacher. He is so calm, explains things thoroughly. I went from one of his top two Nervous Nellies ever to hopefully out of his top 10. LOL! Thank you John Easley! You are the best training captain.

Andy I - 3/29/2024
I highly recommend John Easley. He not only helped us deliver our boat from the Bahamas to Florida but he kept in constant contact with us for a couple months leading up to it due to the constantly changing closing date and pending weather window. He went above and beyond! He’s very knowledgeable and also has a great personality. Someone we truly enjoyed having on board each day.

Debbie M - 2/7/2024
Thanks to you John! You took very good care of her. Capt. Easley comes highly recommended! Five star!

Tammy T - 2/1/2024
John, we can’t thank you enough for your help! You’re amazing!

Melissa G - 1/29/2024
We brought our 55 motor yacht from Detroit 3 months ago and had the honor of John Easley be our training/delivery captain from St. Louis to Mobile. He was fantastic and was super at training my husband on all the boat systems and running the boat.

Taryn I - 11/30/2023
You have been a major contributor in making our dreams come true! We are SO appreciative of everything you have done over the last 3 months to help us bring Final-Leigh AT ?? C to the US.

Tammy P - 10/14/2023
Great day with Captain John Easley! We learned so much and especially in the windy conditions. I highly recommend spending time with the Captain to learn new skills or hone your existing ones!

Donna G - 8/4/2023
Thanks, John! You gave us the confidence to achieve our dream of cruising safely.

Christine G - 1/11/2023
You teach in a very non-condescending, non-confrontational way and it’s very much appreciated. You’re a great coach.

Liz S - 11/13/2022
We cannot imagine having anyone better than you to train us. John, you truly ARE a rockstar, and our appreciation knows no bounds. You have assured us, reassured us, exceeded a normal person’s patience levels, and maintained such fun humor the entire duration. As we grow our confidence and skills, we definitely would love to have you aboard for more adventures. You’re a dear person and obviously well respected.

John F - 10/31/2022
Thanks Captain John Easley! It was a great day. We really appreciate your patience and guidance. We’re a lot more comfortable and confident thanks to you.

Rick R - 9/25/2022
The best. Thank you so much for helping! Captain John Easley to the rescue!

Patrick M - 9/17/2022
Patrick and Dana’s Big Adventure started February 6th in Kemah Texas and in the words of my hero - “If possible, try to find a way to come downstairs that doesn't involve going bump, bump, bump, on the back of your head.” ?—Winnie the Pooh So it was decided long before the 6th of February - hire a professional training Captain we must! After a LOT of research the final answer was Captain John Easley was to be our choice. John showed up in Kemah after a flight from Florida about 3 months after our original call at the agreed upon time on February 4th. Off to sleep and then a let’s get the day 1 lesson plan started. Johns communication style mirrored ours and quickly he knew our capabilities and areas of opportunity for learning the tools, processes and executable skills needed to inspire our confidence for the Big Adventure called the Loop. Two days later we left Texas and eight days later we parted company with Captain John after traveling from Kemah Texas to Riviera Dunes“ Florida. . “When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen.”?—Winnie the Pooh Put on our Big Boots we did! Inspired by the training we felt confident we knew what we needed to know and could recognize the things we didn’t know and problem solve from a place of confidence. Today we are at Ludington Municipal Marina on Lake Michigan having traveled the Great Loop path from Texas, around Florida up the East coast, through Canada and onto Lake Michigan. We have waited until today to HIGHLY recommend Yacht Services - Captain John Easley now that we have put his training into play for eight months. After having heard from multitudes of loopers at docktails about their experiences with training Captains and Captain training from “Never Again” to “Pretty Good” John most certainly has mine and my wife’s recommendation as a valuable resource. John, if you read this - Well Done My Friend, Well Done and Thank You!

Scott S. - 9/14/2022
I’ve been bragging on you to all that asks about our trip. We can’t thank you enough for your superb training and look forward to our next training session with you. Truly, let us know if you would like to have us on your references list. We’d give you 20+ stars.

John F - 9/10/2022
Thanks Captain John Easley! Great day today, all in all. We really appreciate your guidance and expertise. Looking forward to our next training session.

Sabrina H - 8/5/2022
John is a great captain & teacher! Can't go wrong hiring him.

Jeff O - 7/31/2022
A great day with Captain John and his extensive knowledge. Thanks again!!!

Allen A - 7/14/2022
A big shoutout to Captain John Easley. If you are looking for a training captain, John does an excellent job. We are experienced boaters but on a new to us MV and a step up in size. John spent three days with us and we increased our boat knowledge and "how to" two-fold. John is a true professional, a great instructor, great to be around and a new friend. Thanks again John!

Steve F - 6/11/2022
Thank you for all your guidance and coaching. You the man!

Patrick M - 2/22/2022
I wanted to pass on my thanks again for the coaching - you touched on things that are the core of cruising intelligently and safely. My confidence level with planning and executing the plan is extremely high. I know when I don’t see what I think I should see or see things that I do not expect see exactly how to respond. Dana’s turned into quite the Captain/Navigator and we are having the time of our lives. No kidding - thanks for passing on the cruising stoke!!

Kathleen MF - 1/8/2022
John Easley, you are the BEST captain! Couldn’t have done this memorable crossing without you. So, so thankful to have the honor of your company and training!

Eric F - 1/7/2022
John is a amazing teacher. In only fews day he made my wife and I so much more confident. A huge plus is John is a very nice person.

Mark S. - 10/25/2021
There is no better investment you can make than have John Easley step aboard your boat and help you become a better skipper or team

Julia S. - 9/9/2021
We recently hired Captain John Easley as a training captain when we moved our new to us Mainship 430 from Brunswick Landing Marina to Deltaville. We have nothing but good things to say about Captain John! Although Dave has experience from his past Coast Guard career, Julia was a complete novice; within a few days of Captain John's calm and fun tuition she could dock the boat "slow like a pro". John was excellent company on board and was always willing to help with "new boat" tasks like removing rusted anchor chain from the locker. John has the knack of mixing humor into his authoritative experience, resulting in a perfect teaching style. He decided to leave us half way through the trip, saying that we needed to get further experience on our own... Daunting but it worked, and here we are at Deltaville. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Captain John to anybody looking for anything from basic tuition to a confidence boost for the more experienced. We found him to be very honest, hardworking and talented. Proud to call John Easley a friend now!

Leo J. - 6/24/2021
You’re a great teacher! Very patient. Thanks for your awesome tutelage!

Alvin C. - 6/10/2021
There can’t be enough said about what you did for these kids, what they did for themselves, and what Journey for a Cause can do for the young. Well done, Captain John Easley!

Carson P - 5/27/2021
This was awesome! Thank you so much. Very helpful.

Debbie C. - 5/14/2021
I have been dealing with Capt. John Easley. He has been professional, prompt and concise in all communications. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a delivery or just need advice on boat handling prior to starting the loop.

Lowie B. - 4/28/2021
Money well spent!

Lisa B - 3/21/2021
Had fun learning how to captain the mothership! Thanks John Easley for two days of great instruction and learning.

Judy M - 2/15/2021
I am so thankful for you and your expertise!!!

Joe D. - 1/31/2021
Worth every penny!

Kevin B - 1/6/2021
We have received a Wealth of info from Capt John. Highly recommend!

Scott J - 12/27/2020
Thank you, Capt John!

Ryan P. - 12/16/2020
Thanks, Capt John. Glad to have you in my corner.

Dave W. - 12/14/2020
I’m a broker on the west coast of Florida and highly recommend John Easley!!

David T. - 12/13/2020
I highly recommend John Easley! We hired him back in October to help us bring our boat to it's new slip and spend a couple of days training us to use her. He not only did what we paid him to do... He has hooked me up with great mechanics, yacht maintenance guys, boat cleaning companies, etc. etc. In short, he has become an excellent resource for my new boating life!

Kevin B. - 11/21/2020
Learned a ton from you Capt John! We can’t wait to head out on the Loop.

Daniel S. - 8/31/2019
We bought our 42' Hatteras with essentially no experience piloting a large power boat. Capt. John spent time with us discussing boat handling theory and concepts then went out with us for a day of hands-on, practical training that included practice docking. We feel much more confident now. Thanks John.

Frank B. - 8/19/2018
Capt. John assisted with moving our 36' Silverton to a new marina a few hours away to better position it for sale. His relaxed, professional demeanor and his willingness to teach while underway or at the dock were big contributors to a successful day. I will gladly call him again when purchasing our next boat.